Abderahim (Chad) & Zance (Madagascar)


Abderahim: He is a young boy from the Sahara. He will accompany his grandfather, a camel herder, on a long voyage across the desert to the Ennedi Massif, one of the most beautiful and unknown regions of the world. During this trip, ABDERAHIM will discover his roots and learn how to be a camel herder.

Zance: He lives in Madagascar, a huge island off the African coast. He dreams of being a sailor like his grandfather Jinoro and having his own sailboat. To do so, he must ask the sacred crocodiles of Lake Anivorano, since only they possess the key to his destiny. With his grandfather, he goes on a long journey of 70 kilometers by foot across plains and forest to find the lake of the sacred crocodiles. Upon his arrival, he must make an offering to the crocodile. If it accepts the food, then ZANCE will become a sailor!