The Adventures of Compass and Alarm Clock


This series makes science lessons interesting and adventurous for young students, presenting the concepts of natural science, technology, and their practical application through the use of captivating and humorous animation.

Compass fosters respect for science while teaching children the basics with easy to follow and fun experiments. The experiments gradually move from simple to more complex topics.

He explains proper behaviour, reasonable decision making, clever situation assessment and interpersonal communication principles. He also teaches children to be neat, accurate and determined. He has answers to all the questions, and is ready to give useful advice and help.

Alarm Clock has the nature of the typical child full of ''hows'' and ''whys". He is interested in everything, asks many questions and wants to know everything around him.

Together Compass and Alarm Clock show children from K-4, just how fascinating science can be.

Adventures of Compass and Alarm Clock