The Akalis - India


The Akalis live around the holy city of Anandpur, in the heart of Indian Penjab. These horsemen are the descendants of the personal guard of Sikhs Gurus. Wearing blue suits and imposing turbans, as their ancestors did 300 years ago, the Akalis travel the roads and sleep in camps at the gate of Gurdwaras, the Sikhs’ temples. They are also private tutors, teaching their equestrian art and their quasi mystic relationship with horses during their trips.

Bhaldva Singh is the Guru of Karanvir Singh. He is in charge of perfecting Karanivir's education and, more importantly, turning him into a real Akali in his own right. But Bhaldva Singh is aware that 25 years are needed to train an Akali horseman, in order to know how to stand on a galloping horse, to recite the holy book by heart, to wield weapons perfectly and to parade during big festivals.