Amira in Algeria


10 year-old Amira lives on her grandfather’s farm. She lives there with her whole extended family live, all twenty of them! They’re all very busy at the moment because the heavy rain has damaged the crops of tomatoes and green beans. They have to be picked and sorted before being sold at the wholesale markets. Once that’s finished, everything has to be pulled up and the fields plowed to get them ready for planting potatoes. Luckily, the fruit crops haven’t been damaged and the oranges are ready for picking. Then of course there are the daily chores, like feeding the farm animals: there’s chickens, rabbits, cows and a newly arrived ewe that’s ready to join the others for a haircut. But first they have something more urgent to take care of: the ducklings’ cage has sprung open, and their cat is on the prowl. He’s the proud father of a litter that was born just a few weeks ago. Amira’s great-uncle lives on the farm next-door. Amira loves to lend her aunt a hand when she makes bread.