Ariel in USA


Ariel lives in Washington D.C., the capital of the United States. Ariel has been wanting to organize a pyjama party and finally her mom says yes ! A whole evening with her friends in their pyjamas, having fun, watching videos and playing all sorts of games ! No time to waste, there’s so much to prepare ! Ariel looks on the Internet to get some ideas on what kind of games she and her friends could play. She even buys a book at her favourite bookstore. She puts so much effort in organizing the event, even the invitations are a work of art. But besides preparing the pyjama party, Ariel loves to sing. She sings with her mom but is also in the middle of rehearsals for a musical play at school. And for physical activity, there’s always Tae-Kwon-Do, which she does with her little brother. Can’t miss a beat ! Her instructor is very demanding but she always has a lot of fun ! 45 minutes of pure sweat and action ! Ariel is always cheerful and on the go, ready for more !