Belgium with Oscar


Oscar lives in Linkebeek, in the suburbs of Brussels: the Belgian capital. Weekends are always good for a walk, whether alone or with his family. Oscar’s heads off for a stroll and along the way he comes across some rather curious characters called Gilles of Binche. Later on, he tags along with his parents as they visit the flea market. Oscar’s keen to rummage through the collections of used comics. But the day’s big moment is yet to come: a trip to Bruges, a very pretty, old town that’s filled with surprises. On the way back, they take a detour via the coast for a walk along the beach and to snack on a delicious waffle or two. Come Sunday, his best friend Charles joins him for a trip into Brussels. Oscar just loves art and drags his friend to the Royal Fine Arts Museum and to the Comic Book Museum. It’s a cultural day’s outing, and the two finish their expedition with a trip to Waterloo: the site of a famous battle that changed the course of Belgian history.