Cambodia with Neary


Neary, eleven, is Cambodian. Every morning, she joins the children from her school for the rising colors ceremony. Today, Neary is lucky; it is her turn to raise the flag. In geography class, Neary and her friends learn the names of the countries surrounding Cambodia. At lunch break, she goes home to eat with her family. At Neary’s house, everyone has a chore to do! This afternoon, after school, there is an outing. Neary will visit the Royal Place in Phnom Penh. After the visit, Neary will walk along the Mekong River and explain to us how much of life in her country is organized around water. The next day, it is time to pick mangoes! The fruit she picks will be sold at the market. Thanks to the money she earns, Neary and her family can buy food. In the afternoon, Neary rides on an elephant to go to the Phnom Penh pagoda and pay homage to the Buddha. The weekend is going to be busy! She if off to see the temples of Angkor Vat. She crosses the Tonle Sap Lake in central of Cambodia and discovers a floating fishermen’s village. After a visit to the temple, Neary ends her journey with a trip through the rice fields and the water buffalos and understands that the real riches of her country are its culture, it traditions and its lovely people!