Chili with Manuela


It is in Chili, in the heart of the Andes cordillera that Manuela, ten years old, lives. Today, she must go to Santiago to visit her grandmother. She goes to the village and has just enough time to buy a piece of copper jewelry and some pastries. Then, she is off! In Santiago, she has to take the funicular to join her grandmother on the mountaintop of San Cristobal. Afterwards, she discovers the city center and in front of the government palace, she takes a history lesson. Then, she visits the most well-known sites in Chili such as the street of orphans and the main square with the statue of Pedro de Valvidia, the founder of Santiago. Manuela then has to leave and join her family on the seacoast in the west of Chili. On route, Manuela and her grandmother stop to admire the grape vines, which are so important for the local economy. In Valparaiso, where her cousins await her, Manuela watches the boats and the fishermen at work. She meets up with her aunt and uncle who are happy with the gifts the young girl has brought them. After tasting the local specialties, all the children gather and dance the cueca, the national Chilean dance and a symbol of freedom.