Colomba in Chili


Chili is a Catholic country where religious traditions are still very important, especially at Easter time and during Lent. For Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, Colomba, ten years old, has decided to make her own small contribution. She wants to make a candle that will be lighted on the day of the celebration. But in Chili, it is summer and Colomba doesn’t want to be locked in a workshop all day. She wants to go swimming in he parents’ beautiful pool or go hiking in the mountains with her family. Colomba is a very artistic little girl. She often takes advantage of the early morning calm to string pearls together. Together, she is making a little pearl man. And to relax a little, she sits at the piano and practices the pieces of music he professor has taught her. Ash Wednesday is approaching and finally Colomba has a surprise for her parents. Her candle is ready and it will only make the ceremony more beautiful!