Concordia - Austral Sciences


Concordia, a Franco-Italian station built in the heart of the Antarctic plateau, on the Dôme C site, at an altitude of 3233 metres, of which 3200 metres is solid ice, is a unique place, entirely dedicated to science.

EPICA, the 3270 metre ice coring project, on this site, has enabled glaciologists to decode ice cores from up to 800 000 years ago. Evaluation of these ice cores will provide information about the natural climate variability and mechanisms of rapid climatic changes during the glacial epoch.

Other scientific activities has also developed on this site. The CNRS Image team follows astronomers and seismologists in their work as they begin preparation for winter hibernation, where only 13 Italian and French researchers will remain in this remote and extreme world, outside of time and place, for nearly 10 months.

Concordia - Austral Sciences