Diogo in Portugal


Diogo is 10 years old and lives on a small farm in the Tras-o-Montes in the north of Portugal. At winter’s end, the newborn lambs start arriving and every evening the herd has to be rounded-up from the mountain pastures, where the animals spend the day grazing. There are no tractors on the farm, so Diogo’s family uses a donkey and a horse to do all the heavy moving and to plow the fields. Diogo’s family also raises chickens and pigs. It’s still very cold outside at this time of year and the ground is frozen solid, so most of Diogo’s daily routine takes place inside. He helps his mother and a neighbor to spin wool, make smoked salami and knead and bake bread. This year, he’s even learnt how to tell when the ham that hangs over the chimney to dry is just right. Diogo’s a very lucky boy: his father’s just bought him a baby calf from the market. It’s a truly wonderful present!