Doctor Mukwege, The Wrath of Hippocrates Newly Added

  • Product code : A283-001
  • Category(ies) : Violence and Abuse +, Women +
  • Level(s) : Post-Sec. (18 +) +
  • Duration : 52 min.
  • Production year : 2015
  • Director(s) : Thierry Michel
  • Producer(s) : Les FIlms de Passerelle & Ryva Productio
  • Version(s) : French +
  • Subtitles : English Subtitles for Native Speakers


Dr. Mukwege, a Congolese gynecologist, who has won many awards including the 2014 European Union’s Sakharov Prize, is internationally known , as “the man who mends women”. He has helped heal both physically and emotionally over a thousand women who have been brutally raped during the 20 years of conflicts in the Eastern  Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the poorest countries on the planet, despite its extremely rich sub-soil.

His endless struggle to put an end to these atrocities and denounce the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators has not been welcome. At the end of 2012, Doctor Mukwege was the target of another attempt on his life, which he miraculously survived. He now lives a cloistered life in his hospital in Bukavu, under the protection of the United Nation peacekeepers.

But  he  is  no  longer  alone  in  his  struggle.  The  women to  whom  he  has  restored physical integrity and dignity, stand beside him, true activists for peace and hungry for justice.

Doctor Mukwege, The Wrath of Hippocrates