School of the Future


We all dream of having the best school possible for our children – one that nourishes their curiosity, makes them eager to learn, and provides them with the technological, intellectual and human tools that better prepare them for the future in store. With the world in full metamorphosis, it is critical that we rethink our educational systems. Around 65% of today’s preschool students will have occupations that do not exist as of today.

So what will school be like in 2050 ? How will new digital technologies alter learning ? What will the role of a teacher be ? Will students take charge of the school of tomorrow ?

This episode will demonstrate how the digital revolution is shaking up education models : collaborative and peer learning, the dematerialization of knowledge, school architecture adapted to types of learning… Featuring the special participation of Mathieu Ricard, doctor of cellular genetics and a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

The Dreamers
Suggata Mitra, Professor at the University of Newcastle, UK
His “School in the clouds” project is a call for a revolution in learning, founded on children’s ability to learn by themselves.
His dream : To allow children the freedom to learn on their own.

Geoff Mulgan, Creator of the Studio School, UK
In order to break from the conventional vision of school, the Studio School begins orienting young people very early on toward a professional future : teens learn a profession in the actual professional environment while also attending classes.
His dream : To connect school to professional life.

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Computer scientist & robotics engineer, France
Pierre-Yves thinks that robots in schools will not only help accommodate the digital sciences but also help fight teaching that over compartmentalizes other subjects.
His dream : To de-compartmentalize schools using robots.

Amaya Arzamendi, School Director, Spain
This school director uses online courses from the Khan Academy. Each student is equipped with a laptop and progresses in their learning at their own pace.
His dream : A school that is connected and therefore in harmony with its time.

The Experts
François Taddei, Biologist & education specialist, France
Stanislas Dehaene, Professor of Experimental Cognitive, France
Rosan Bosch, Architect, Denmark
Daphné Koller, Professor in the computer science department at Stamford University, USA
Ken Robinson, Writer & education expert, knighted by Queen Elizabeth, UK