Exploring the Living Cell


This unique DVD takes us on a journey through the basic unit of life: the cell.

Using both early drawings and exciting imagery taken with the latest microscopes, renowned biologists and young scientists explain their research and share their discoveries. Learn how cells were discovered, how they function, how they impact health and disease, and what the future holds.

The DVD is divided into 4 parts, followed by 3 debates.

1. History
Discovering the Cell (15 min.)

2. Evolution
Evolution and Diversity (11 min.)
We Love Plankton (2 min.)

3. Voyage 3D
Voyage Inside the Cell (6 min.)

4. Research
Membrane (11 min.) Kai Simons
Signals and Calcium (9 min.)
Membrane Traffic (10 min.)
Mitochondria (12 min.)
Microfilmaments (8 min.)
Microtubules (8 min.)
Centrosome (11 min.)
Proteins (12 min.)
Nucleolus and Nucleus (9 min.)
The Cell Cycle (6 min.)
Mitosis and Chromosomes (7 min.)
Mitosis and Spindle (10 min.)
Cleavage (8 min.)

5. Debates
Stem Cells (7 min.)
Cells and Program (4 min.) with Jean-Jacques Kupiec (ENS, Paris)
Cells and Evolution (4 min.)

Exploring the Living Cell