Germany with Jacob


Jacob is twelve and lives in Berlin. Today, he is thrilled to see his cousin Raphael who lives in Bavaria and is supposed to meet him after breakfast to visit the German capital and its surroundings. First stop, the Palace of Sans Souci in Potsdam which one gets to by canoe. After the imperial visit, the two cousins offer themselves a bit of fun at a go carting circuit and then visit a car show. At the technical museum, they will admire all the great German inventions. It is great fun to pretend to be an inventor, to play with the Gutenberg printing press and discover the works of such geniuses as Albert Einstein. On the way back, the boys go to see the Berlin Wall. The next day, they are off to see the TV Tower that offers a panoramic view of the city. They pass by the Reichstag at the Brandenburg gate. It is time for lunch and a German specialty called the currywurst. After the lunch break, the cousins start off again. Next stop, the Church of Memory, nicknamed the Empty Tooth, and then a small concert at the music museum. To immortalize their day, Jacob and Raphael have a good idea: to buy the monuments they have visited in chocolate. One can’t imagine Easter without chocolate! They have one last mission, the Easter egg hunt followed by a chocolate tasting party!