The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar


"The Great Indian Wedding" is the "Great Indian Obsession", on par with the other two things that possess the country’s imagination; cricket and film. "The Great Indian Wedding" is the film that India stars in, written and directed by the participants and produced to the best of their abilities.

In an era of modernization in India, arranged marriages have become a multi-billion dollar business. Forty percent of the world’s marriages take place in India. Of them, a staggering ninety percent are arranged. Elaborate match-making meetings complete with websites and screening systems have emerged, making the choice of the ideal marriage partner a business and not an affair of the heart. "The Arranged Marriage" is a unique glimpse of modern India’s concerns: class, economics and status.

Our story follows three young women, one of which is the director of this film, as they embark on the journey through the Great Indian Marriage Bazaar.

Great Indian Marriage Bazaar