The High Stakes Game for Black Gold


When one of the 60 largest trucks in the world drops off its 400 ton cargo of oil sands, the smell that assails your nostrils is the smell of money. Each load contains $10,000 worth of oil. In Fort McMurray, Canada, the largest investment site in the world, 400 billion cubic metres of crude oil is stored in warehouses the size of the Netherlands. It is stored as bitumen, in a mixture of sand and water.

These reserves are larger than the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. It is a type of end game for the last oil reserves in the world. Over the past 20 years hardly any noteworthy oil fields have been discovered. 90 per cent of today's production comes from oil fields that are slowly drying up. At the same time, global demand is rising. On the New York stock exchange alone deals are made every day corresponding to four times the global daily consumption of oil - making it approximately 30 per cent more expensive in the process.

Who are the speculators and the profiteers driving up the price to ever dizzying heights? With the gold-digger battle in Fort McMurray playing out in the background, this film investigates how the big game is played and how if affects us all.