The Home Front


THE HOME FRONT goes local to find that, while politicians wrangle over treaties, ordinary people are quietly coming up with practical solutions to climate change, often saving money as well as cutting emissions.

In this programme, we take a look at energy in the home: In Shanxxi, China, a group of mothers, concerned about deforestation, came up with a biogas system that produces fertilizer for the fields and gas for cooking.

In Huddersfield, England, we find an surprising success story for solar power, where electric and water heating panels are being fitted to council houses, cutting tenants power bills. The idea is even being taken up by the luxury housing market.

In Cambodia, where charcoal production is shrinking forests, a new take on the traditional cooking stove is halving the amount of charcoal needed to cook and saving money too.

In Pune, India, an energy revolution is taking place, making gas for cooking from household waste, a system developed that is 400 times more efficient than the dung-based biogas plants.