The Horsemen


From Mongolia to Argentina, from the legendary cowboys of America to the proud Arab horse riders, this series takes viewers on a fascinating voyage around the world to discover how these men have preserved their traditional way of life and their passion for horses.

Never before has such a comprehensive and high quality documentary series been produced on the world's horsemen. Entertaining, informative and uplifting, The Horsemen's mix of wildlife and human adventure will appeal not only to horse lovers but to large audiences everywhere.

01. The Zaianes - Morocco  02. The Nez Perces - USA  03. The Cowboys From Montana  - USA  04. The Gauchos of Patagonia - Argentina  05. The Sumbanese -  Indonesia  06. The Charros - Mexico  07. The Snowy River Stockmen - Australia  08. The Wakhis - Pakistan  09. The Kadiweus - Brazil  10. The Akalis - India