Hugo, to the Sound of Beating Drums (Burkina Faso)


«This trip shows me that you can be happy with very few things » Hugo, young explorer in Burkina Faso

Hugo is 12. Hugo's passion is for music, rock music in particular. In Burkina Faso, he'll live with Assane, a young percussionist who's going to pass on to him the secrets of the djembe. In Bobodiolasso, the second city of Burkina, 350 kilometres southwest of the capital Ouagadougou, Assane lives in the musicians' area. Hugo will meet Constant, Assane’s djembe teacher, who will give him good advices: “You're too stiff. The music has got to live. I want to see it in your hands and in your face… You've got to break the wall.” A lesson of music and a lesson for all of us.