I-Kwan (Vietnam) & Azat (Kyrghyzstan)


I-Kwan: He has just turned ten. He is a Mnong, and lives on the high plateau of southern Vietnam. For centuries, the Mnongs have been famous for their knowledge of the forest and their ability to capture and tame wild elephants. It is now KWAN’s turn to become a true Mnong and learn the secrets of nature that has kept his people alive. Along with with his father, Ma-Kwan and his uncle, Mabé, he will learn to capture a varanus, a big lizard with long claws, a poisonous snake, and ride an elephant on his own!

Azat: He is the grandson of one of the greatest eagle tamers of Kyrghyzstan, Hassan. The boy's dream is to follow his grandfather and learn this three thousand year-old tradition of capturing and taming birds of prey. To possess and tame his own eagle, AZAT must first capture it. Hassan offers his grandson his own net hoping that soon, an eagle will find its way inside it. SERIES: LITTLE MAN Azat