The Icemen - Angadias of India


The Angadias – literally “one who carries valuables” – perform a task that major carriers in the region such as FedEx decline because of the risks involved. Ironically, even without handheld scanners and high-tech tracking systems, this simple delivery system is the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable method of transporting goods in this region of the world.

They are the pioneers to the courier services. This modern day version of "Next Day Delivery" started almost a century ago in India. Almost every industry in India has at times used Angadia service. Even in this day and age of Internet and email, Angadias play a very important role in business functionality.

Plainly dressed, unarmed, and carrying unmarked canvas sacks, these men transport 4 million dollars worth of diamonds each day. Very efficient and very loyal, this service has flourished despite the introduction of major courrier services and yet the Angadias earn salaries of less than 50 dollars a month.

Icemen - Angadias of India