Idrissou (Cameroun) & Jean (Madagascar)


Idrissou: He is a young boy from northern Cameroon. He comes from the Mofu tribe who live in harmony with insects. Idrissou also plays with insects and believes they are the gardians of ancient traditions. But one day, termites invade his village and threaten to eat all the crops. Idrissou is charged with a special mission: fetch Jaglavak, a little red army ant, bring it back to the village and release it on the termite hill to chase out all the termites.

Jean: He is a young boy from the Zafimaniry tribe, and lives with his family in the highlands of Central Madagascar, an island off the south coast of eastern Africa. The Zafmaniry people are highly skilled as carpenters and craftsmen, and they build traditional red houses from a special red wood they find in the forest. Jean is now old enough to learn the difficult skills of woodcarving, and his elders will teach him how to build a house with his own hands!