In this episode we are in Aceh, the Indonesian province torn by civil war for almost 30 years between the GAM, the separatist Free Aceh Movement and Jakarta. The war claimed at least 15,000 lives. More than ten times that number died in the December 2004 tsunami.

Aceh, with a $4.8 billion US international aid commitment, is setting about building a civil infrastructure from a war and tsunami-shattered economy. Hospitals are a key part of that infrastructure. The Zainoel Abidin Hospital in Banda Aceh, the provincial capital was all but destroyed by the tsunami. It has been repaired and re-equipped with the aid money in just 8 months.

Through the eyes of nurse Said Usman, in his renovated hospital on the frontline, we see how the problems that medical staff face go beyond the immediate devastation of the tsunami.