Israel with Dan


Dan, eleven years old, lives in Jerusalem in Israel. Before going to visit the Wailing Wall with his father, Dan buys a postcard for a friend. At Kotel, Dan puts on his kippa and talith to pray like all the menfolk. To respect the tradition, he writes a wish on a small piece of paper and inserts it into the wall. After prayer, Dan goes to see the souk, the Arab market, where he wants to buy coffee, the favorite Israeli drink. In the animated streets of Jerusalem, Dan takes us to the sacred sites of the three monotheist religions and then joins his family for lunch. He then goes by the university to say hello to a cousin who has just completed his army service. Afterwards, he goes shopping with his mother. At the market, he learns to pick out fresh fruit and vegetables and barter. On Friday, as usual, Dan and his family go to the synagogue. After the service, the family gathers around the Shabbat dinner and tonight it is Dan’s turn to recite all the blessings like a grownup!