Italy with Olivia


Olivia is an eight-year-old Roman girl. This morning, like every other Sunday, she accompanies her grandfather to mass. On the way there, she admires the most beautiful sites in Rome, the Vatican, St-Peters and the Parliament building. Then, on a stopover at the pastry shop, Olivia learns to pay in euros and get the correct change. Back home, she impatiently waits for lunch. Her mother is cooking a typical Northern Italian dish, risotto. The rest of the day is for homework! Luckily, grandpa is there to help. The nest day, after school, Olivia is very excited. She is going to the airport to pick up her cousin Isa who lives in Milan. It’s impossible not to stop at the beach and run in the sand! Soon, it’s time to find he mother and go on an expedition to the city center. First stop, the Pantheon, the heart of ancient Rome, and then the Trevi fountain. There is nothing as good as a plate of Italian pasta to finish off a perfect day!