Jamal in Jordan


Jamal is a seven-year-old boy who lives in Amman, the capital of Jordan. He and his friend Najati have decided to participate in the yearly go-carting race. First step : build a go-cart. Dad used to make theses types of cars when he was a kid and shows them the ropes. Najati and Jamal put in a lot of effort over the next few days but it turns out to be really worthwhile : their very first go-cart is built just in time for the race. Jamal and Najati take time off by inventing various rock throwing games, playing with their toy car racing track set or putting together great big puzzles. Jamal loves to spend time also with mom playing cards or with dad playing Backgammon. He still gets beaten a lot but he is getting better at both games each time, that’s for sure ! And then there’s always time for computer games ! But Jamal’s biggest challenge yet will be to participate in his very first go-carting race and win ! At seven years of age, Jamal already has the heart of a champion.