Jordan with Mohamad


Mohamad is 11 years old and lives in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Mohamad brings us to the market where he must buy some spices for his grandmother’s famous meal : mansaf. It is a typical Jordanian dish made with rice and spicy mutton. Mohamad stops by on the way in a beautiful Roman amphitheatre still in tip top shape as well as in the Folklore Museum to show us the traditions of his people. Now time for prayers ! Mohamad is Muslim and runs back home after making his purchases to pray on his little carpet in his room. The next day, with his family, it’s off to Petra, a wondrous ancient city built in stone in the middle of the desert where dromadaries and Bedouins, which are the people of the desert, abound. A wonderful way to get back in touch with your heritage