Justine in Canada


Justine is 10 years old and lives in Montreal, the largest francophone city in Canada. In a few days, it’s Halloween, Justine’s favourite holiday. Halloween, is the perfect occasion to put on your best disguise, munch on scrumptious goodies and scare the heck out of your friends and family. This year, Justine chose a funny costume and is off choosing a pumpkin with her mom. Pumpkins are a real tradition in Canada, they’re carved to frighten your friends and are called Jack O’ Lanterns. Buying candy for kids coming trick or treating at your house is a lot of fun too. And with all this activity, Justine still finds time to hang out with her friends, chatting on the Internet or playing various parlour games, or go biking or taking care of her pet budgie. Justine just can’t say no to having fun, whether it’s painting or drawing, making crafts or trick or treating ! She never runs out of ideas or energy !