Kisset (Kenya) & Nima (Mustang)


Kisset: He comes from the Nd’orobus tribe in southern Kenya. The Nd’orobus are honey seekers, they travel in the bush during the flower season, to seek honey, a source of nourishment and a main ingredient for beer. To find a honey tree, they are guided by a bird called the Euchostoi. It is Kisset’s turn to seek honey. He and his father will follow the small bird to the precious nectar… In the end, the bird also is rewarded: it can feed on the honey without the danger of being stung by the bees.

Nima: He lives in the Mustang region of Nepal. Here, a man who doesn’t own a horse is not considered worthy. NIMA dreams of becoming a horseman. His father has promised him that one day he will participate in the big horse race of Dzar. Every year in August, NIMA and his family travel across the Mustang mountains to go to the grand horseman celebration of Dzar, organized in commemoration of the Compas warriors.