Lars in Sweden


Lars is a Lapp. They’re a people who live in the north of Sweden and most Lapps are reindeer herders. At this time of year, the reindeer are pretty much left free to roam the summer pastures. Only a handful of them are tame. They live in a pen close to the house and drag the sleds in winter. Lars is taking advantage of the off-season to learn how to harness them. He also spends time helping his father mend the corral; they use it when it’s time to brand the reindeer and to separate the ones for sale at the end of the season. Some of the reindeer have to be caught using a lasso, but Lars is already learning. The family spends a lot of time fishing in the warmer months. But it’s not just a for fun – it helps them to make a stock of food for the long winter months ahead.