Living in the Shadows Newly Added


In China, the notions of reputation and dignity are of the utmost importance. But when families are faced with the daunting prospect of caring for a mentally-ill family member, they are ill-equipped to care for them and often lock them up to spare their family the shame.

Across China, some 170 million people are estimated to be suffering from some form of mental disorder yet there is a dearth of treatments and psychiatrists available due to a nascent mental healthcare industry. Although some might deem the families’ treatment of mentally ill family members to be inhumane, we must empathize and understand that their ignorance has led them to believe that they are doing what’s best for the family. With a lack of mental healthcare laws and a prejudiced society, what can China’s government do to alleviate the plight of those who live in the shadows? 

This film looks at the state of mental health care in China today.

Living in the Shadows