Mali with Aicha


Aicha lives in Bamako. Today, after school, she goes to the local market. She wants to buy a present for her cousin. Hopping unto a duruni, a local taxi, she admires the monuments that are the pride of her countrymen: the Tower of Africa and the Independence monument. All of these monuments symbolize the union between African nations. Aicha then visits the animal market where the marabou or sorcerers send their clients to buy fetishes. Back at home; the young girl joins her family for tea and dinner. She then listens to a storyteller singing her praises. That is the tradition. It is soon time for prayer because like the majority of Malians, Aicha is Muslim. The next day, Aicha takes a local boat to navigate on the Niger River. She goes to visit her cousin who lives in a small traditional village in the countryside. After meeting the village chief, Aicha discovers the mosque and the tomb of the great Bambara king whose language has become the most widely used language in West Africa. Thrilled by her visit, Aicha will remember her journey in the world of the Bambara chieftain for a long time.