Malta with Anthony


Anthony is twelve and lives in Malta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Anthony loves to admire the ramparts of his native city, La Valette , from the sea. That is why he is happy to jump on his uncle’s boat for a sea outing. The young boy thinks that Malta is not well known enough so he has decided to create an Internet site to talk about his country. At the market, he finds an object to illustrate his chapter on traditional fishing methods, one of the main industries of Malta. Back home, he takes the time to play with his brothers and sisters before going to work on his computer. Anthony is looking for more information about the knights of the order of Malta to complete his web site. The next day, he decides to continue his research in Gozo, one of the many islands of Malta. He takes the ferry to see the most beautiful places of the island. It is in one of the lagoons and the grottoes where the sea enters that Anthony decides to venture. Like all of the Maltese, he wants to finds a hidden treasure!