Mongolia with Baljinyam


Baljinnyam is 11 ans. His nickname is Balji, and he’s from Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia. He adores music and plays a traditional instrument made from a Yak’s horn. His father is a famous actor at the national theater and as soon as Balji finishes school he usually heads off to the theater for a backstage tour, or to his cousins’ so the pair can practice their wrestling techniques. His grandparents live in a town far from the capital and Baljinnyam heads off to visit them as often as he can. First they have to take the train, and then travel by car across the steppes. Baljinnyam loves these visits. It gives him the chance to rediscover the traditional Mongolian way of life. His grandparents even live in a yurt: the traditional tents made of animal hides, cloth and wood. And his grandfather never forgets to take him horseback riding.