Nature Inc.


Nature is priceless, but what if we try to put a price on it? What does it cost in cold hard-cash not to preserve ecosystems and how much can be made by investing in it?

This series reveals just how much nature is worth to our economy … how a decrease in the honeybee population can threaten the $2 billion almond industry in California; how preserved watersheds provide renewable power and clean water to vital industries; how coral reefs are worth $30 billion a year; mangroves that save lives; and how invasive species cost the global economy a staggering $1.4 trillion a year...

01. A Fruit and Nut Case  02. Natural Prevention  03. Trees on Tap  04. The Aliens Have Landed  05. Coral Cashpoint  06. Slippery Slopes  07. Bloom or Bust  08. Doing What Comes Naturally  09. Union of Green  10. One Sexy Tuber  11. Standing Profits  12. Now and Forever  13. Alien Invasion  14. Conservation from Chaos?  15. Hard Rain  16. Hard Rain 2  17. The Gigatonne Timbebomb

Nature Inc.