Nepal: a Narrow Escape


Deserted by her husband and with four children to support, 24-year-old Sushma, from a remote village in Nepal, was sold into sexual slavery. Her trafficker took her to Kolkata, but she managed to escape.

In this film we document how difficult it is for Nepal to staunch the flow of young women being trafficked each year across an open 2,400 km long border with India. Meet some of the women on the frontline who are trying to put a stop to the trade.

We follow Sushma as she sets out to find the man who lured her to a brothel in Kolkata. A top civil servant, Punya Prasad Neupane tells us why it is so difficult to stem the tide of girls crossing the border each year: "They have some kind of dream in their mind for a better life and these traffickers can easily trap girls who are aspiring for a better quality life – these girls are easily caught, easily tempted by their false promises."