No Rest for Granny


In the United States of America, retirement does not automatically come at age 65. Today, many U.S. employees and workers continue their professional activity until 70, 80 or even 90 years of age!

Gene, Joe, Thelma and Andrea are ''senior workers'' living in the state of Ohio. We meet them at their place of work; a cosmetic factory, an up-market supermarket, a metal pressing workshop and a large fun fair.

Others, like Irene, are currently job hunting. At the age of 63, she takes a job training course in order to improve her chances. John, a travelling salesman aged 70, spends his time on the road chasing new contracts.

These ''senior jobs'' are either a true choice or sheer necessity. They might be a means to keep social contacts, but they also provide a much needed addition to a low pension or they are simply a way to secure health care.

Meeting and talking to these men and women, their employers and families, opens the door to a highly complex reality. The question is: what place does work occupy in our lives?

Taking the U.S. model as an example, this film looks at the value of ''work'' as opposed to the value of ''rest and recreation''. Two notions perpetually at odds with each other: do we merely work to live or do we live to enjoy and prosper in our work?