Ombee (Australia) & Suardi (Indonesia)


Ombee: He is a young, thirteen year old aboriginal. A dream has just decided his destiny. To become a man, he must fight a crocodile. Along with his uncle Noels, he will undertake a long journey across Australia’s plains and mountains, to find a big crocodile. Very few men dare to venture into the rivers where crocodiles live. To reassure OMBEE, Noels tells him about an aboriginal belief claiming that if you don’t think about them, crocodiles will not attack.

Suard: He is ten years old. He lives on the island of Sulawesi with his parents, in the middle of Lake Tempe. His house is called a rain house and floats above 4 meters of water, because in Sulawesi heavy rains flood the rice paddies each year. SUARDI must learn how to cultivate rice and throw nets to catch fish. He then watches how his elders salt the fish to conserve them and then sell them in the markets.