Peter in Belgium


For Peter, eight years old, school is soon over and he will have time for all sorts of activities. However, Pierre loves staying at school and participating in the cartoon drawing class. But this week, he has other things to do! Playing with his friend Thomas in the garden, visiting the prehistoric site and learning how primitive man lived, meeting the sharks in the aquarium of Liège, doing experiments at the science museum; Pierre has almost no time to rest. He stops by a chocolate shop, to recoup his energy, and off he goes, because his parents have prepared a surprise for him: a visit to the cartoon museum. In Belgium, the cartoon is a very respected art form and Pierre is happy to learn more about it. In school, during the cartoon workshop, Pierre decided to draw a story about a journey. Like Tintin, one of his favorite cartoon characters, Pierre embarks on a word and image journey, and gets ready to make his characters live through wild and exciting adventures!