Public Enemy #1


A portrait of the former premier of Quebec, Jacques Parizeau, the public persona, as well as the little-known private man – his aspirations and determination, his frustrations and bitterness.

As a backdrop to this intimate portrait of an uncommon politician, we discover Quebec society and its multiple contradictions, with which Parizeau has always had a love-hate relationship. Parizeau himself put it best when he told director Francine Pelletier : « Isn’t ironic that it was Trudeau who sent armoured cars to Quebec, but I’m the one they call a fascist » in reference to that fateful night in 1995 when he attributed the failure of the referendum to « money and the ethnic vote. »

Jacques Parizeau : an unlikely leader willing to forego power if it doesn’t immediately serve his ultimate, perhaps his only cause : the independance of Quebec.

Public Enemy #1