Dream the Future Newly Added


What will the world look like in the future ? How will today’s discoveries and research impact our everyday lives in 2050? What answers will they bring us in response to current economical, ecological and cultural challenges ?

Dream the Future is a series of 10 astonishing episodes that plunges into 2050 and explores what the near future will look like. With its futuristic, high-tech visual identity, Dream the Future takes us around the world to acquaint us with the future innovations that will transform our everyday lives. Special effects and film excerpts make this scientific series a truly entertaining experience.

01. Sports of the Future  02. Transportation of the Future  03. Food of the Future  04. School of the Future  05. Energy of the Future  06. Home of the Future  07. Medicine of the Future  08. Fashion of the Future  09. Music of the Future  10. Sex of the Future

Dream the Future