Reverse Exploration 02


Anthropology is the study of humanity. Usually we’re doing the observing, but what happens when two tribesmen from Papua, New Guinea head off on an expedition into the heart of an entirely new kind of civilization.

Palobi and Mudeya come from a tribe in Papua, New Guinea. One is a War Chief, funny and curious; the other is the Peace Chief, wise and observant. Invited by their friend and photographer Marc Dozier, they launch on an expedition into the heart of a very strange civilization: France.

From the depths of the Parisian metro to the snow-covered peaks of the Alps, these travellers from the other side of the world are confronted with a completely new reality: power, work, women and gastronomy. The French are obviously completely uncivilized!

Fascinated by their new discoveries, the two Papuans are relentless in their desire to explore everything, taste everything, and try everything.

An absurd and eye-opening experience that makes us rethink the way our society lives.