Rwanda with Honorine


When school is out, Honorine likes to take a bicycle-taxi. It allows her to admire all the valleys and hilly roads of her country. It is the end of the week and the young girl knows she can now go home to her family. Her uncle Chris, the gorilla specialist is in town and Honorine asks him to take her to see the giant gorillas. Finally it’s Sunday and Honorine accompanies her parents to mass. Then, it is time for adventure! Honorine is very happy. On the way there, she and her uncle contemplate the Rwandan countryside and stop in a typical market. In front of the tea plantations, Honorine decides to stop and help pick tea. She then goes to visit a flower plantation and arrives at Nyanza, the city of the last Rwandan kings. While visiting the royal hut, she discovers the life of the mwamis and watches the traditional warrior king dance. She then continues her expedition through the forest to reach the natural reserve where the famous gorillas live. They are rather impressive, the forest giants! Honorine is enchanted to meet them at last.