Sex of the Future

  • Episode of : Dream the Future +
  • Product code : A284-S01-10
  • Category(ies) : Sexuality +
  • Level(s) : Post-Sec. (18 +) +
  • Duration : 52 min.
  • Production year : 2016
  • Director(s) : Étienne de Clerck
  • Producer(s) : Update Productions & Bonne Pioche Télévision
  • Version(s) : French +


Sex is no longer a taboo subject. At the beginning of the 21st century, an active sex life is even an indicator of success. Watching pornography, using accessories, indulging in masturbation or even having multiple partners - all of these practices have become common & uninhibited.

What will pleasure be like in 2050? Will science and technology allow us to intensify our orgasms even more? Will the next sexual revolution be a virtual one? Will cybersex be universally accessible? Will it become the norm? Will new technologies influence our sexuality? Will long-distance relationships be free of constraints?

This episode will reveal how new technologies will put an end to all sexual taboos, bring couples closer together, and bring a better awareness of our bodies, our pleasure, and our sexual desires.

The Dreamers
Matt McCullin, Artist and designer of RealDolls, USA
Using his talent as a visual artist and his passion for technologies using artificial intelligence, Matt is sculpting and programming the sex doll of the future.
His dream : To extol our sexuality with a humanoid sex robot.

Liz Klinger, Designer of Lioness, USA
She has invented the SmartBod, a sex toy equipped with a multitude of sensors that gather and analyze sexual performance. Her project includes developing a vibrator capable of adapting to and anticipating the desires of the user.
Her dream : To use technology to better understand our bodies and optimize our pleasure.

Sara Seabrooke, Instant Chemistry, Canada
In 2050, couples that meet via dating applications will be able to confirm their sensual, sexual and biological compatibilities with their future partners by using DNA tests developed by the company Instant Chemistry.
Her dream : decrypt love to improve relationships.

Dimitree Marozau, Teslasuit, UK
The Teslasuit is a haptic suit that allows couples to touch each other over long-distances. Using a virtual reality platform, users will be able to feel their partners’ movements and caresses on their own bodies.
His dream : To give life to a digital sensation that is as real as physical contact.

Craig Alguire, Holodex, Canada
In this virtual world, users will be able to experiment with all manner of sexual fantasies with any risk and without any taboo.
His dream : To create a universe where it will be possible to satisfy one’s desires.

Toon Timmermans, KIIROO, The Netherlands
This connected sex toy will allow couples to engage in sexual relations – over long-distance.
His dream : To enable us to experience pleasure regardless of distance.

The Experts
Lux Alptrum , New technologies and sex education Fleshbot, USA
Carol Queen, Sexologist, Good Vibrations, USA
Bernard Andrieu, Professor of Ecology & Philosophy of the Body, University of Rouen, France
Robert Weiss, Author & Psychologist, Sex and Intimacy in the Digital Age, USA