Switzerland with Vivienne


Vivienne is eleven years old and lives in a little mountain village. Today, she starts off with a bit of golf on the mountaintop. After completing the course, Vivienne joins her mother in Bern to buy a gift for a friend who lives in another country. Through the maze of old, cobbled streets of the medieval town, she discovers the charms of the Helvetian capital. After admiring some mechanic dolls in the shop window, Vivienne enters one of the shops to buy her present. What better gift then chocolate! After shopping, she goes to play a game of giant chess in the square, one of the favorite pastimes of the Swiss Germans. Last but not least, she visits the Bern cathedral and the Kunstmuseum. Back at home, it’s dinner time and Vivienne takes a cooking lesson with her father who teaches her how to make Swiss fondue. A real treat!