This Is My Country 1


This 26 episode series offers children a unique chance to discover many countries worldwide. In each episode, a child aged 8 to 12 takes us on a guided tour, presenting his or her country, with its characteristic features, sympols, flags, language, currency and distinguishing landmarks. This insight into the lifestyle that is prevalent in each child’s country will hopefully inspire a better understanding and goodwill between children around the world.
This series gives children a chance to discover and identify countries around the globe in order to gain a better understanding of the world around them.

Series 1
01. Canada with Arabelle  02. United States with Sasha  03. Indonesia with Jagad  04. Jordan with Mohamad  05. Lebanon with Ranwa  06. Mexico with Judith  07. Japan with Yuriko  08. Turkey with Serkan  09. Switzerland with Vivienne  10. Italy with Olivia  11. Spain with Ines  12. Mali with Aicha  13. France with Arthur  14. Israel with Dan  15. Russia with Macha  16. Cambodia with Neary  17. Brazil with Laura  18. Chili with Manuela  19. Morocco with Mohammed-Yassine  20. Germany with Jacob  21. United Kingdom with Alice  22. Rwanda with Honorine  23. Malta with Anthony  24. Netherlands with Lievjine  25. India with Tanya  26. China with Jiang Yue
Series 2
01. Australia with Jesse  02. Algeria with Kenza  03. Vietnam with Thanh  04. Kenya with Caroline  05. Portugal with Tomas  06. Romania with Vlad  07. Burma with Bo Tu  08. Austria with Peter  09. Madagascar with Ouniassine  10. Greece with Viviane  11. South Africa with Sabelo  12. Argentina with Gala  13. Mongolia with Baljinyam  14. Czech Republic with Magda  15. Belgium with Oscar  16. Peru with Viviana  17. Bolivia with Luis Fernando  18. Guatemala with Andres  19. Venezuela with Victoria  20. Ireland with Jack  21. Iceland with Bryndis  22. Denmark with Mikkel  23. Sweden with Jacqueline  24. Norway with Baldur and Kristofer  25. Estonia with Marie  26. Finland with Alisa

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This Is My Country 2

You may choose 26 episodes among the 52 titles of This is My Country 1 and 2