Trafficking - Demand and Supply


Child trafficking, one of the gravest forms of child abuse in the world today, affecting the world’s poorest children, is growing. Millions of children – boys and girls- have been subjected to untold abuse and shame.

Trafficking is the recruitment, transport and transfer of children, through abduction, deception or force, in order to exploit them in some way. Often unaware of their rights and desperate to earn money, both children and their parents, are easily tricked or coerced by the traffickers. In their eyes, traffickers offer a real chance at changing their desperate economic situation.

Our story reveals three kinds of trafficking that is still prevalent: direct kidnapping of children from their parents, use of trickery to con young girls into prostitution and lastly, a voluntary entrapment – a form of trafficking that comes in the guise of legal marriage.

Trafficking - Demand and Supply