Undying Love


Undying Love recounts the poignant, enduring, and often miraculous love stories of survivors of The Shoah. It tells how particular couples managed, through love, to bear the unimaginable loss, depression and trauma that resulted from Hitler's genocide of the Jewish people.

In the aftermath of the Allied victory, fortuitous matches made in DP camps, and the chance reunification of lone individuals whose entire communities were eradicated, are a metaphor for the resiliency of spirit exhibited by many survivors. Love and marriage helped them pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and carry on.

Choosing poetry over sociology, Undying Love interweaves a number of narratives with intimate interviews with survivors, documentary archival footage, excerpts of fiction film, (both from Hollywood and Yiddish cinema), evocative illustrations, personal narration and glimpses of survivors' lives in Canada and elsewhere.