United Kingdom with Alice


Alice is ten years old. She lives in South London with her parents and her little brother Jake. Every morning, her mother takes her to school because in her country, no child can go out without an adult. In school, Alice is discovering the geography of her country. After school, she decides to go for a walk and admire the funny colorful houses with strange architectural details and even the red telephone booths so typical of England. The following day, she has a long school day ahead of her but she knows that she will enjoy the weekend off with her family. Saturday is market day. Alice goes shopping with her mother. It is the time to buy British specialties such as pudding, hareng and even taste some fish and chips. Alice and her mother continue on their outing. They pass by the Parliament buildings and then see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Alice and her brother love soccer even if the favorite British game is cricket. It is funny to see the cricket players all dressed in white. But you have to be patient; cricket games take a long time. Alice prefers watching animals or people drinking tea in the medieval cemetery. It’s more original. To end this relaxing day, there is nothing like a little boat rides on the Thames!